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WASINC International, Ltd. Is a HKG based Flight Crew Recruitment and Aviation Consulting company. We are one of the largest suppliers of commercial pilots to airlines in China and Japan. WASINC Intl. was established in 2000 as a major supplier of pilots to the Japan Air Group. Our leadership team has a combined experience in the commercial aviation field of over 100 years of experience serving in leadership roles at Northwest, Delta, Japan Airlines and Sun Country Airlines. While our corporate headquarters is located in Hong Kong, we have operational and customer support offices in Shenzhen and Beijing, China, as well as local support staff in Chengdu and Tianjin.  We also have local support staff in Tokyo, Japan.  Our recruitment offices are in Las Vegas; Toluca, Mexico; and Toronto, Canada.

As a full service pilot recruitment and leasing company, we provide a win-win solution for the pilot, the airline and the leasing company. We have a commitment to the customer airline which includes the recruitment of only the most highly skilled pilots in the world while providing the pilot group with day-to-day support on the ground. As evidence of our commitment to both the customer and the pilot group, three of the four principle owners of the company are based in China and work there full time. Corporate culture focuses on delivering the “Value Proposition” to the customer through the pilot group.

Each member of the team, from the President to the Secretary is tasked daily will delivering these values to the customer: • Safety • Timeliness • Expertise • Flexibility • Ease • Image.  WASINC Intl. is currently providing pilots to ten airlines in China: Shenzhen Airlines, Air China, Air China Cargo, Sichuan Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Capital Airlines, Business Aviation Asia, West Air, OK Airlines and Tianjin Airlines. We also provide pilots to Skymark Airlines in Japan. We utilize state of the art web-based application and document management systems to ensure that our pilots have free access to their on-line profiles, and our customers can review and rate potential candidates.

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  • B737EFIS/NG & B757/767 Rated & Non-rated Captains - SF Express

    China Great pay and lots of allowances. Please call us at +1.702.553.3044 for more details. WASINC International

    Up to 19,390USD (net) for residents, up to 17,497USD (net) for commuting. 500 hours PIC time on type (current candidates), total time 4000 hours. ...

    • 17 days ago
  • B737NG & A320 Captains - Shenzhen Airlines - Base: Shenzhen, China

    China Up to $215,988 per year (net). Company-paid LOL insurance. Please call Dave @+1.702.553.3044 WASINC International

    New Contract Conditions! Company-paid loss of license insurance. Creative scheduling options. Increased bonus, education allowance, overtime. Lo...

    • 17 days ago
  • A-320 Beijing Capital Airlines – China, commuter welcome

    China Up to $290,000/year HIGHEST PAY IN CHINA! Please call us at +1.702.553.3044 for more details. WASINC International

    Commuters welcome. Attractive base locasions, Up to $290,000/year (net), 500+ hours PIC on type A318/19/20/21), 4000+ hours total time, current on ...

    • 17 days ago
  • A320 & EMB190 Captains - Tianjin Airlines - Commuting, Upgrade!

    China World class pay and benefits. Great commuting packages. Please call us at +1.702.553.3044 WASINC International

    9 new commuting options. Please call us at +1.702.553.3044 World class pay and bonus (Up to 260,000USD per year). Minimums: 500 hours PIC on type,...

    • 17 days ago
  • Rate and Non-rated B777 Captains - Air China Cargo

    Shanghai (CN) Excellent pay and bonus package. Please call us at +1.702.553.3044 for more details! WASINC International

    Rated & Non-Rated B777 Captains. Accepting B737/757/767/747-400. Up to 206,400USD /year + annual bonus (net). Max age: Rated 57 and Non-rated 55...

    • 17 days ago
  • B737 EFIS/NG Captains - Donghai Airlines (China)

    China Great pay package. Please call us at +1.702.553.3044 for more details. WASINC International

    Commutable. Total package: $218k per year (net) Base: Shenzhen, China Contract term: 3 years, renewable Minimums: 500 hours PIC on type, 3000 hour...

    • 17 days ago
  • A320 Captains - Sichuan Airlines - Upgrade to A330

    China Great commuting package and pay. Re-currency in SIM acceptable. Please call us at +1.702.553.3044 WASINC International

    Commuters welcome! Upgrade to A330. Total package: up to $275K/year (net), 400+hours PIC on type (A318/19/20/21), current on type with 12 month...

    • 17 days ago
  • B737EFIS/NG Captains for Xiamen Airlines (China)

    Xiamen City Commutable. Excellent pay and benefits. Please call us at +1.702.553.3044 for more details. WASINC International

    Excellent pay, benefits, and location! 4th largest airline in China has immediate need for B737EFIS/NG Captains. 400 hr PIC on type (B737-300 and...

    • 17 days ago
  • A320/330 Rated Captain & FO - Hong Kong Airlines

    Hong Kong Excellent pay and benefits. Please call us at +1.702.553.3044 for more details. WASINC International

    QUICK APPLICATION! Seeking A320/A330 Rated Captains & First Officers. INTERVIEWING NOW! HKG base. Excellent pay and benefits (Bonus and moving ...

    • 17 days ago
  • B737EFIS or NG Captains - OK Air

    China Great pay / Commutable. Please call us at +1.702.553.3044 for more details. WASINC International

    Two types contract (3 or 5 years / China based or Commuter). Total package is up to 265,200USD year. 800 hours PIC time on the B737EFIS or NG. T...

    • 17 days ago
  • A320 Rated Captain for Chengdu Airlines (China)

    China Excellent pay and benefits. Commuting options. Please call us at +1.702.553.3044 for more details WASINC International

    Up to $246,000 per year! Great commuting options. Rated Cap.: 500+ hr PIC on type. 3000+ hr total time. Maximum age: 55 years old. Current on ...

    • 17 days ago
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