Job Responsibilities and Requirements:

Position is directly responsible for a Company asset in excess of $9,000,000 together with the safeguarding of the lives of the Company's top executives in flight.

Requirements Must have 2,000 hours total flight time.

Tasks Ensure safe air transportation for top level executives.

Maintains proficiency in two types of Aircraft to provide the Company with greater versatility in air service.

Attains and maintains the highest level of knowledge and proficiency to safeguard Company personnel and assets.

Makes decisions in flight which would affect a safe outcome.

Coordinates with other departments within the Company to ensure that air transportation Requirements will be met on schedule.

Ensures the Company Aircraft are operated in the most efficient manner possible.

Presents a favorable Company image to guests and customers by promoting good passenger relations while onboard the Aircraft.

Continuous recurrent training to maintain proficiency and knowledge levels, attendance at professional and technical seminars, coordinating with Maintenance personnel to solve Aircraft equipment problems, and various Administrative Duties.