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Published: 09 Jun 2015

Scott Rodgers - WW 20150609

President and founder of Atlanta-based Amjet Aviation Scott Rogers works as a business jet broker and advisor, and has completed transactions in more than 35 countries for a range of corporate and high-net-worth clients.

When did you start your career in aviation?

It was in 1975, with my family’s formation of Laurel Flying Service as a fixed-base operation, that my first real work responsibility began. I initiated an expansion of services from fueling aircraft to include aircraft charter, management, flight training and maintenance. I successfully expanded our aircraft sales to become a leading dealer of pre-owned Beechcraft piston/turbine airplanes, thereby generating additional revenues from a global market.

You left service behind?

I sold the company’s service and operational assets in 1986 to focus my sole attention on expanding our aircraft sales volume. The management experience with the aviation services was very influential in my educational path as well as my career path. I realised the need for a formal education along with real-world business experience. This led to my decision to complete my bachelor’s degree in business and then subsequently my coursework for an MBA.

It was the overall knowledge gained in providing aviation services, aircraft operations and aircraft sales that prepared me for where I am today. This broad-base knowledge of aviation is required to provide superior and comprehensive professional marketing, acquisition and consulting services to business jet owners.

Why did you launch Amjet?

I founded Amjet Aviation as an affiliate of the original company in order to better define the growth and brand as a leading provider of professional aircraft brokerage and business aviation advisory services for a global client base focused solely on business jet aircraft. Amjet Aviation’s goal is to provide the best possible representation to our clients. We subscribe to the basic idea that absolute commitment to our clients will develop valued, long-term relationships, resulting in a better firm with substantial improvements in our performance.

We are not limited in our geographic range, given the mobility of the aircraft we market. We have completed transactions in more the 35 countries but we do place an emphasis on the US domestic and European markets, which make up 70% and 30% of our client base, respectively.

How do you stay competitive in a crowded field?

We provide a unique expertise along with understanding and support of individual client needs. It is our reputation for absolute commitment to clients which inspires valued long-term relationships. This basic principal has led to unmatched client satisfaction. Corporate and highnet- worth clients value this dedicated relationship throughout their aircraft ownership from the time of purchase, operation and eventual re-sale or upgrade of their jet aircraft.

Our level of professional expertise cannot be matched by many of the competing firms and brokers, many who are recent entries into the aircraft brokerage business. It can be extremely hard to succeed in business jet sales and brokerage. You have to successfully market yourself and your professional ability with every new prospect before you ever get a chance to sell an aircraft. This can be difficult for many people since obtaining an aircraft listing and then selling the aircraft require two very different talents.

How has business been since the recession?

The recession of course was negative for all markets but slow economic recovery has resulted in continued declining values of pre-owned aircraft. Pre-owned activity did improve in 2014 but most of this activity was driven by lower prices. The new models of ultra-long-range aircraft such as Gulfstream’s G650 remain very strong. There is also demand for the new Bombardier Global 7000, which is in development with some early delivery positions already selling for substantial premiums.

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