Flying high in Vietnam with Vietjet

Published: 23 Nov 2015

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Born and raised in the Netherlands, Allard Frans Ketting had always dreamed of flying high in the sky as a small boy. “My father was a pilot, and so of course, I wanted to be one too,” says Allard. “He motivated me to sign up for a training course where I could learn some essential gliding skills. After that I won a seat at CAE Oxford Aviation Academy, which was an incredibly valuable experience. I learned the most cutting-edge techniques and developed advanced skills that have stood me well throughout my career as a pilot. Moreover, I also had a chance to meet and make friends with many people all over the world.”

Now living downtown in Ho Chi Minh City and flying up and down Vietnam and right across Asia with Vietjet, Captain Allard is relishing his time with the fastest growing airline in Vietnam. “I am very happy here, and so is my family—it’s a wonderful country and I am very impressed by the professional working environment that Vietjet has created. I can see there are unlimited promotion opportunities within the group to motivate staff.   

Well-known and much admired by his fellow pilots and all of the flight attendants for his excellent sense of humor, Captain Allard is as happy and satisfied as he ever was with life in Vietnam after nearly four years with Vietjet. 

“To be honest, I feel at home here,” he explains. “With so much potential for growth, working for Vietjet is a wonderful and worthwhile opportunity for anyone looking for a new challenge. We are very fortunate to have a friendly and beautiful CEO running the airline—she truly is a princess.”

“Quite simply, I still love that feeling of coming to work and flying planes. I even love arriving at the entrance of our office and using the shoe polishing machine! It’s really convenient – not just for staff but our customers.”

“Four years ago, I turned down opportunities with numerous reputable airlines around the world to join the Vietjet family when the airline was at an early stage of development,” adds Captain Allard. “At that time we had just three aircraft but I was impressed by the sense of ambition and development plan that was outlined. I decided this was an opportunity I could not miss. So I packed my bags and flew to Vietnam!”

Allard and his wife arrived in Vietnam as newly-weds and enjoyed a honeymoon period that still continues to this day. “We moved into a luxury compound which has all the facilities and services we could ever need right in the heart of downtown Ho Chi Minh City. When I am not flying for work, we frequently fly to some of the country’s many amazing tourism destinations courtesy of Vietjet. We are also always supported by Vietjet when booking rooms at luxury resorts throughout Vietnam and I never tire of travelling around Vietnam – it is an incredible country and we love all of the regional cuisines, the tropical weather and stunning beaches. Life here is an amazing and unforgettable journey that has no end.”

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Not only satisfied with Vietjet’s benefits, Captain Allard is also very content with the working environment, which channels youthfulness, creativity and togetherness to create a dynamic energy that sets Vietjet apart in the aviation industry—both as an employer and a commercial airline. “My working schedule is logically assigned to maximize my time for relaxation and discovering new places in Vietnam and around the world,” adds Allard. “At Vietjet, we are not only coordinators but also members of a bigger family. I work with many enthusiastic and passionate colleagues who are very helpful when I am in trouble or in need.”

“Besides a high income, and many other benefits, I believe the most attractive reason for joining Vietjet is the promotion opportunities offered within the group. Joining the airline, you can become a captain, or TRI or TRE,” said Allard. “When I joined there were three aircraft – now we have a fleet of 28 brand-new, modern Airbus aircraft. And it still feels like the beginning. We have a contract to acquire and leasing a total of 107 aircraft in coming years. The number of passengers flying with Vietjet continues to grow and we are on our way to developing a comprehensive international network. It’s clear to me that Vietjet is developing strongly and sustainably for the future and naturally, I want to be a part of this success.”

It is said that happiness is not found in the destination you reach but experienced on the journey you undertake to reach that destination. Looking at Captain Allard, happily joking with his colleagues after a flight and reveling in his life in Vietnam, it is clear he is delighted with the journey he has chosen to undertake for him and his family. 

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