Getting started

Published: 17 Oct 2013 By David Learmount

When you have decided how hands-on (or cerebral) you want to be in your early engineering jobs, you can then look for college or university courses that suit your starting academic level and your career aspirations.

Some airlines provide technical apprenticeships that combine a college course with practical learning at their engineering base. Often an airline will work with a specific college and choose its apprentices from students enrolled there.

If you enrol in a university engineering degree course and are interested in a military career, you can apply for your studies to be sponsored by your chosen military aviation service. Naturally, that also entails passing the military selection process.

Some big aerospace companies provide scholarships or other forms of support for aeronautical engineering undergraduate students, often combined with an internship.

Training and sponsorships are likely to be announced or advertised within this Career Portal, so keep your eyes open for suitable opportunities. And good luck with your career!


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