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Published: 02 Sep 2015

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Matthieu Angers is a project manager for MSB Design. He is responsible for overseeing the development of precision-engineered products for the business aviation market at the firm’s facility in Boucherville, Quebec.

Mattieu Angers - WW 20150901What attracted you to the MSB Design business?

Ten years ago I started at MSB as a mechanical designer and now I’m a project manager, overseeing exciting long-term projects with Fortune 500 companies.

When I was hired by MSB, I could see the potential for the company within the aviation sector, which was destined to grow. The company was young and in its development phase, targeting the aeronautics market. I could see that if I worked hard, I could become a project manager on some exciting programmes, while at the same time helping to grow the company.

The opportunity was a big part of the attraction, but I couldn’t have predicted that MSB would emerge so quickly into the aero market.

What are the biggest challenges when designing for aviation interiors?

We face multiple constraints, such as the space, tight tolerance on interface points in a restricted cabin and, of course, weight. Every kilogram can make a difference to fuel costs, jet category and aircraft performance. Flammability requirements are a factor and environmental issues are becoming increasingly important.

Our biggest challenge is to ensure we deliver on time, to the right budget, and to the client’s expectations.Invariably schedules are tight, but we pride ourselves on meeting the requirements. It’s part of the fun!

What does your average working week consist of? 

My working week is about meeting schedules within expected time-frames. I will review project progress internally with my team, and then externally with the clients. These meetings are often away from the office, so I travel quite a bit. I review priorities and schedules to ensure we are operating as efficiently as possible. This involves working with various departments within MSB, such as sales, production, development, and quality control.

This liaison between the departments is essential to co-ordinate the many elements of a project, and to make sure it comes to fruition. This variety makes the role very stimulating.

What do you see as the future for interior precision engineering?

From my point of view, the future will revolve around new manufacturing processes and new materials. As these are developed, we expect we’ll be able to produce more precise parts, which will certainly change the way we design in the future. This in turn will require improved machining tools to increase the accuracy, and it will also expand our design possibilities.

A consequence of this will be the implementation of more automated processes to reduce the human factor. For example, I envision more automated assembly and finishing to eliminate damage in the process.

How do you ensure the company’s standards are maintained?

Our reputation is only as good as the standard of the last product we delivered, so maintaining standards is an area we are very focused on. MSB is proud to have received AS9100, the highest certification level for aviation, and ISO 9001 certification in 2008.

MSB management and employees are also committed to a continuous improvement process that sees us constantly refining processes and manufacturing methods as well as individual development. I like to think that everyone’s goal is to continually improve, and we always encourage the team to share their ideas, both small and large.

What do you enjoy about your work?

Every day with MSB offers new challenges and new opportunities. This motivates me.

I’m convinced that if I worked for a big company, I would not have had the same chances in my career. I am passionate about my work and I am proud to be part of the successes of such a fine company. That’s really satisfying.

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