Spring 2015 Training and Development Guide

Published: 15 May 2015

Spring Training and Development Guide 2015

The aircraft orders backlog for airlines has never been as high as it is now – and despite the economic woes that have affected the world’s markets since 2008, commercial aviation has recovered and is now set to grow at a healthy pace. As the global fleet grows, so does the need for pilots to fly these aircraft, engineers to maintain them, plus technicians, dispatchers, operations managers, air traffic controllers and other aviation professionals.

So things are looking good for the training industry and those who want an aviation career. But following a difficult period when legacy airlines became ultra-cautious about investing in future human resources, the training industry has become significantly leaner. Expansion by low-cost carriers has kept up the flow through training organisations – but with a strict eye on costs. Can this lean, mean, consolidated training industry cope with the impending surge in demand?

Multicrew pilot licences are gaining popularity as airlines look at how best to produce cockpit all-rounders able to work effectively in teams. The emphasis is also moving away from prescriptive, syllabus-based training towards performance-based training at schools and evidence-based training at the airline recurrent level. These changes demand a completely different approach from retrained instructors, so where are they going to come from?

The days when the military provided most of the skills the airlines needed free of charge have been left behind, and the industry is having to decide how it will provide for its needs in the future.

This guide is designed to help you choose the right training, either for you as an individual or for your organisation. As well as our comprehensive listing of training providers – with descriptions of their capabilities – there are also features by our own journalists on some of the big issues affecting the training industry today.

David Learmount

Operations & Safety Editor

Flight International

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