Spring 2016 Training and Development Supplement

Published: 29 Mar 2016 By Chris Hoyle, Editor Flight International

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With oil prices at a seemingly steady low level, commercial aircraft order backlogs at a record high and affordable air travel opening up to ever more people around the world, now seems to be a great time to consider a career in the aviation industry.

Opportunities abound for the right kind of candidate, whether they are interested in becoming a pilot or cabin crew member, pursuing a position in engineering, airport management or air traffic control, or attracted by any number of other related disciplines.

As covered in Flight International’s first Training and Development Guide of 2016, significant challenges face recruiters and applicants alike in ensuring that their ambitions and requirements are aligned, to the benefit of both parties – and the travelling public. Training providers are crucial in helping to achieve this balance, but the market must also communicate its needs, so that potential employees arrive with the key skills they require to succeed.

We look at the early steps being taken in Europe to harmonise learning and training requirements, including an initiative to offer a new Professional Aviation Pilot Practice qualification through Middlesex University in the UK. The ambition is to deliver “industry-ready” pilots prepared to enter the cockpit for a variety of operators (P4).

Diversifying career opportunities is another hot topic, with EasyJet having launched an ambitious programme intended to double the number of women flying for it within two years. Dubbed the Amy Johnson Flying Initiative, this is just one example of the low-cost carrier’s ongoing drive to offer a great career to a wider variety of people, while also demanding the highest quality of recruit (P7).

This is a time of great opportunity for the aviation sector. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in this exciting industry, or are already involved, our Training and Development Guide is intended to highlight some of the key players who could support you on your journey.

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