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Published: 26 Mar 2015

Alexander Uitenbroek - WW 20150324

As owner services manager for NetJets Europe, Alexander Uitenbroek looks after French, German and Russian speaking clients for the business aircraft fractional ownership provider, and manages tactical communications and this fast-paced environment really keeps us all engaged.

Tell us about your career

I began in the automotive industry. I worked for the exclusive importer for Vege reconditioned engines in Portugal. When I finished my degree in business and economics in 2003, I heard about NetJets through a friend employed in the flight services division. I was& hired by NetJets in 2004 as a flight services coordinator, but I began to seek new opportunities.

In my earlier years, one of my most challenging functions was as a tactical communications officer. I was responsible for communication with customers on anything that could have an impact to their flight.

What are your current duties?

I am manager for the owner services department for NetJets Europe based in Lisbon, Portugal. I have a specific focus on the international teams, which include the French, German and Russian speaking territories. This department is tasked with managing customer interactions concerning flight reservations, daily flight management and general enquiries, being the first point of contact between customers and NetJets.

I also manage the tactical communications team, who represent the customer service department in the operational control centre, liaising closely with the respective operations departments on daily operational decision-making regarding all situations/deviations that may affect NetJets customers. I’m also responsible for operational and customer escalations, departmental and interdepartmental process creation and revision, operational management of a key alliance partner within the German market, financial monitoring and strategic planning.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

One of the most satisfying functions in my current role for me  has to be the creation and revision of departmental, interdepartmental and inter-company processes (between NetJets in the USA and Europe). NetJets fully embraces constant improvement principles and by being involved in their execution with the different functional areas, I can obtain a broad scope and vision of the business. With this broader vision and understanding, I have become better equipped to perform my current role and being able to influence and lead positive change is very gratifying.

Another function in my role which I greet with equal fervour is management and interaction with staff in the owner services department. The calibre and dedication of the employees in NetJets is commendable and I consider myself very lucky to be a part of this pool of professionals. We are consistently learning and evolving and this fast-paced environment really keeps us all engaged.

Has you role changed over the years?

Yes. In order to adapt to the market and because of the need to maintain a nimble and proactive business unit, there has also been an increase in our drive for continuous development to create a more global framework for the department and NetJets as a whole. By implementing a more global outlook, we can gain economies of scale and synergies where we may not have found them in the past.

What project are you working on now?

There are several projects in the pipeline. In the area of customer service, we are focusing a lot of energy and time on improving our CRM tools. This is a huge undertaking as it does not only touch upon the revision of tools used solely by the customer service area, but it links into all areas of the business globally that touch upon the customer, whether this is billing, sales or the pilots on the front line. It is exciting to see this drive for excellence daily and this is the main reason why I work at NetJets.

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