Training and Development Guide 2012

Published: 01 Mar 2012


Welcome to the latest edition of the Flight International Training and Development Guide, your handbook to finding the training provider that is right for you, whether you are an employer or someone looking to learn new skills or develop your career.


The entries in the following pages have been provided by some of the industry’s leading flight schools, aviation colleges and consultancies, and using the guide could not be easier. Companies are listed alphabetically and there is an index on P31 where you can search by services offered.


It is no exaggeration to say that training is at the core of everything in aviation, both in the air and on the ground, from the competencies needed to fly an aircraft to those required to maintain it. While the training industry is arguably more competitive than ever, training is an areas which shortcuts cannot be taken.


However, as aviation evolves, the training sector is changing with it. The inexorable rise of the Middle Eastern network carriers, shifting demand patterns in Europe and North America, the emerging economic powerhouse in the East and South and the development of new technology are all impacting on the shape of the training market. There is a pressing need to train new pilots in countries such as China and India. Many Western-trained pilots and other professionals are looking to advance their careers in growth regions, and new cockpit technology – ushered in with new types – is altering the way pilots fly.


Analysis of accident records have shown us that we cannot be complacent about safety standards. Most forward-looking carriers today are looking beyond simple box ticking training requirements and working to install much more sophisticated safety management systems within their businesses, improving communication and working culture with the flightdeck.


The training providers featured in this guide are all committed to working in partnership with their customers to produce professionals trained in the highest standards.


I hope this handy guide helps you to map your training and development strategy for the coming year.


Murdo Morrison


Flight International

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