Training and Development Guide 2013

Published: 12 Feb 2013

Training providers are the beating heart of the aviation industry, providing airlines and other operators with the lifeblood they need to keep flying. Whether equipping the next generation of pilots with the skills they need, helping experienced flight crew get to grips with new types or simply keeping them sharp, training companies are vital to the success of the industry.

And, like the airline industry, the training sector is changing. Growth in demand for air transport in emerging nations has seen training go global – and, paradoxically, become much more local. Centres continue to open in cities and regions of the world where pilots previously would have had to travel between continents to find the right training. Now, airlines can often find the right providers on their doorstep.

Last year was arguably the safest ever for the airline industry. The training sector has played a large part in aviation’s ever-improving safety record, with safety management companies aimed at instilling a culture of constant learning and adopting of best practice complementing more conventional skills-based training for flightcrews.

This latest version of our Flight International Training and Development Guide introduces you to companies offering a wide range of services to the industry, from simulator time to ab initio instruction, and from maintenance training to programmes aimed at cabin crew, regulators and operations professionals.

I hope this guide gives you the information you need to help map your training safety for the coming year.

Murdo Morrison
Flight International

Training and Development Guide 2013

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