Training and Development Guide - Autumn 2015

Published: 21 Sep 2015 By Craig Hoyle, Editor of Flight International

Training and Development Guide - Autumn 2015

With the world’s airlines getting ready to take delivery of a record number of aircraft on order while they expand their operations to serve growing new markets and resurgent passenger demand in established territories, the need for highly skilled people is greater than ever. Whether it’s pilots, maintenance engineers, technicians, dispatchers, operations managers, air traffic controllers or other aviation professionals, one of the most critical challenges facing the industry today is to recruit, train and retain enough staff to keep the fleet flying.

And, while the airline industry is evolving to cope with strong growth and fresh competition, so too the training industry that serves it is having to expand and adapt. Legacy carriers remain under cost pressure, but their low-cost rivals – such as our case study, Ryanair (P4) – are beginning to feel the need to update their business models, by taking on new aircraft types or offering new services.

Training providers also are having to tailor their programmes to all types of operation, sometimes in new geographic locations, while maintaining their own balance between cost control and competitive advantage. In some cases this has prompted acquisitions, like L-3 Link Simulation & Training’s recent buy of CTC Aviation (P8).

Meanwhile, safety performance remains a priority, while airlines and training providers come to grips with new concepts in cockpit management, such as the multi-crew pilot licences which stress all-round competence and teamwork. Instructors, typically drawn from the ranks of experienced crew, clearly need their own,  tailored training initiatives to remain ahead of the industry learning curve.

Growth and new technologies make this one of the most exciting eras of aviation – and one of its most challenging from a training and development perspective. Whether you are an individual or are running a large organisation, the Flight International Training and Development Guide is designed to help you choose the right training for specific requirements or as a long-term strategy.

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