Why Nuno, easyJet Lisbon’s Base Captain, wouldn’t work, or live, anywhere else.

Published: 28 Nov 2016

With 28 bases across Europe, easyJet can offer their pilots a huge amount of choice. Here’s why Nuno, easyJet Lisbon’s Base Captain, wouldn’t work, or live, anywhere else.

When I heard easyJet were coming to Lisbon, I applied immediately

I’d been at another airline for about 14 years, so I was ready for a shake up. easyJet gave me that opportunity. I chose them because they’re a great airline: one of the best in the world. Operationally and in terms of safety, they’re right at the top. They’re at the forefront of nearly everything in our industry, and I knew they were a winning team.

I’ve got the perfect balance now

The normal life of a pilot is that you’re away from home a lot of the time. It’s just the industry norm. Going all around the world and spending several days away at a time – it’s great when you’re young. But when you get older and children come, things change. I spend almost every night in my own bed now, and I see so much more of my children.

I get to see much more of Europe

With my previous airline, I was restricted to a very small route map. Every day, I was flying to one of the same three destinations. Not here. We fly 800 routes, so you get to go to many different places. It’s very interesting, and very challenging from a pilot’s point of view.

Lisbon is a wonderful place to live and work

It’s beautiful. We’re right by the sea, and not many cities in Europe get more sunshine. Our summer starts in April, and it doesn’t finish until November. The people here are friendly too, and we’ve got one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. And although the airport’s right in the heart of the city, many of our pilots live out in the countryside. They’re only 20 minutes’ drive from work.

The quality of life is incredible

It really is – and not just because of the weather. Some pilots who join us here come and ask me ‘Are the schools good?’ ‘Is the healthcare system good?’ Of course they are. Portugal’s part of Europe, so the education and healthcare systems are as good as anywhere else.

There’s a real community at the base

I’m Base Captain so, as well as flying, I look out for 48 other pilots. We’ve got plenty of French and British pilots, along with a few Italians and Spanish. We also have Polish, German and Swiss pilots here, and everyone gets on really well.

easyJet look after their people

The airline has a ‘just culture’. They’re fair with you, if you’re fair with them. They’re supportive too. Even on your day-to-day flight, if something goes wrong the airline is there to support you and give you any of the help you need. One other thing – they really are an equal opportunities employer. Everyone is welcome, and anyone can build a career here.

I’d recommend easyJet to anyone

It’s just a great place to work. Standards are very good, safety is impeccable, and the training is very good. They’re also very good with issues like fatigue. There’s a system in place now, so if you’ve had a couple of tough flights, you can speak up and they’ll do something about it.

It’s a great job. I love it, and I want to be here for many years. Most of the pilots here feel the same.


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