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Bishop GmbH – Aeronautical Engineers was founded by Mr Bishop in 1997 for the general advancement of aeronautical art, science and engineering and more particularly for promoting that species of knowledge which distinguishes the profession of aeronautics. Mr Bishop has 25+ years experience (21 stress at Airbus) and also regular flies as PIC. The company is based in Hamburg-Blankenese on the river Elbe opposite the Airbus Germany factory. Together with other complementary partners, BISHOP jointed founded SYNITED GmbH in May 2004, which is listed as a Airbus Strategic Transnational Supplier. BISHOP excels mainly in the areas of stress analysis, systems, fatigue & DT, composites and engineering tool code writing. Together with its partners, BISHOP has a combined force of circa 1000 engineers throughout Europe. BISHOP is corporate members of the RAeS and DGLR. BISHOP is engaged in international research, and collaborative programs.

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