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About Cargolux Airlines International S.A.

With business activities around the globe and close to 1900 employees representing 65 nationalities, Cargolux can truly be described as a multinational, multicultural and multilingual workplace.

We believe that this diversity is one of our most valuable assets that contributes to our success. People at Cargolux are driven by their professional dedication to perform their job while sharing our core values:

  • Acting as a team
    At Cargolux, we depend on each other in order to perform our job and our mission effectively. Working together as a team makes Cargolux strong, stimulates diversity of ideas and brings out the best in all of us.
  • Performing high standards We are customer focused, strive for excellence and consistently set high standards that drive our performance in all our activities and behaviours.
  • Delivering on promises

Delivering on our promises is another key element of Cargolux’s business success. We act reliably and responsibly towards our colleagues, stakeholders and business partners. After all, our future and our long-term growth depend on customer satisfaction. Providing reliable service is our guarantee of success. 

Cargolux people are all specialists in their field. They take care of cargo (selling space or arranging for quality ground services), aircraft maintenance, finance, flight operations, information technologies or administration. We are looking for people to help us to achieve our missions and business goals and to fulfil our valued customer’s expectations.

Whatever their field, we consider our staff here at Cargolux to be a most valuable asset and a critical driver of future business success.

Flight Crew

As a Cargolux pilot, you will have a front row position with one of the world’s leading cargo airlines. The life of a Cargolux pilot is both demanding and rewarding and offers an operating environment like no other. The company’s global network gives you the chance to fly to a wide variety of destinations including some of the world’s most challenging routes.

This will give you the chance to travel the world and open your mind to different places and communities. You will also be working as part of an international team with people from various cultures and backgrounds, all committed experts in their own field.

Flying long-haul cargo around the world requires dedication and passion and you’ll be expected to perform to the highest standards every day. The vast selection of scheduled and charter flights constantly provides new opportunities for development in an expanding network.

As an all-cargo pilot, you will be given the opportunity to fly unique shipments worldwide with a company whose track record includes an array of delicate operations.

Cargolux offers access to a modern fleet of Boeing 747 freighter aircraft, including the latest 747-8F, which shows significant improvements over its predecessors in fuel consumption, noise and CO2 emissions.

You will act as an ambassador for our airline and represent our company’s high standards and excellent customer service wherever you go.

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