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1993 HAINAN PROVICIAL AIRLINES’ first official flight from Haikou (HAK, ZJHK) to Beijing (PEK, ZBAA) launched the success of the HNA Group and grew since 1997 after name changed to HAINAN AIRLINES Co., LTD. as an Enterprise Group covering 6 major industry sectors (aviation, finance, food, logistics, real estate and tourism) and traded at various Stock Exchanges.

Rated by SKYTRAX as the first 4-Star airline in China 2011 and subsequently rated by SKYTRAX as a 5-Star airline since 2012 till present day.

The HAINAN AVIATION Group includes 16 airlines of which 4 are located overseas and covers through their flag carrier HAINAN AIRLINES extensive network routes covering China, Asia, and extend even to Europe, America, Oceania and Africa with nearly 500 domestic and international routes flying to almost 90 cities worldwide.

Since its beginning, HAINAN AIRLINES has seen 20 years of safe operations, being rated by JACDEC as 14th safest airline in the world and has accumulated over 3.549 million hours of safe flights, maintaining an outstanding safety record and operating in profit with over 45 million passengers in 2013, owning 16 airports and total group staff numbers exceed 100,000 employees.

The HNA Group fleet is mainly comprised of AIRBUS 320 and BOEING 737-NG, however large number of EMB 145 / 190, B767, B747, B787, A340 as well as a variety of executive jets including the largest GULFSTREAM fleet worldwide at a single operator and 1 Helicopter company complete the fleet and provide passengers with individual space in first class and a spacious new business class.

As of 2014, HAINAN AIRLINES operates over 108 B737-NGs, boosting the airline now to be the largest B737 operator in the Asia-Pacific region, having overtaken its Japanese competitors. In 2013, HAINAN AIRLINES introduced 6 B787 Dreamliner aircraft and being so the largest B787 operator in China, embracing more international and domestic destinations.

Our development vision is focused on making the country's civil aviation strong, speeding up internationalization, creating an airline company whose size and scale of operations put it at the forefront of the industry. By adopting a "Customer First" strategy and engaging oriental hospitality, the HNA Group has been able to offer a comprehensive range of new products and customized services. In order to change our passengers’ expectation, we are creating a new flying experience by satisfying the deep demand of our passengers. The HNA Group strives to become the preferred airline of choice for passengers, customers and employees and a world-class premier Chinese brand.

The step to improve the recruitment department and open directly to experienced foreign crew members supporting our ideas and becoming a part of this "family", was the logic consequence a legacy carrier has to take.

On our new recruitment website "www.HNA-OVERSEAS.com" more information can be found, as well as our current vacancies and current contract terms and conditions, which are available after registration.

The new offered package include currently the best paid contract in the world, extensive family support and insurances making the HNA-OVERSEAS direct recruitment project very attractive for everyone looking for a career opportunity meeting everyone's' needs (residential contracts as well as commuting).