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Longreach Aviation specializes in placing experienced aircrew with airlines within the Asia Pacific region and is dedicated to improving working conditions for professional contract personnel. We are not a company that just takes - we give something back to the crew members that make up our industry. Over the last few years, there have been huge changes in the contract pilot market - almost all of them instigated by us at Longreach Aviation.

The European Branch has been established as part of our worldwide expansion. We aim to provide a new level of service in the all important European aviation market. As of November 2016, we also conduct interview and simulator preparation at London Gatwick. 

Longreach Aviation Europe currently provides recruitment services for China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Beijing Capital, China Airlines, Lucky Air, Spring Airlines, China Eastern and others. Longreach Aviaiton has the fastest growing reputation in the region as an innovative service provider. 

Longreach Aviation Europe provides the following BENEFITS to all our pilots: (1) loss of Licence and income Protection Insurance, (2) loss of Life Insurance, (3) emergency medical coverage whilst away on duty and (4) unlike many other agencies, Longreach does NOT charge an upfront bond for NTR positions.

Contact Alex Tanton at our European office:

Email: recruitment@longreacheurope.com

Tel/WhatsApp: +44 (0) 739 909 2010

WeChat ID: alxtnt2014

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