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About Quick Aviation What do we do?

In Quick Aviation we help pilots to find job in China. We do not only look for captains. We also help them with the application, ATPL exams and further procedures (job consulting, life guidance,   supporting first time in China etc.) If you are a captain and want to find a job in China all you need to do is just send us your documents!

Why can we do it?

Founded in 2016 Quick Aviation is one of the youngest and probably the most perspective aviation companies in the industry. Despite the young age of our company there is no lack of professionals – the founders of our company have been in aviation industry for many years and don’t only have a rich experience but also the closest relationships with airlines.

With our international team we always know what pilots want. And we are always focused on a pilot’s needs. Are you tired of agencies not answering you for days? Or maybe you are “surprised” with an attitude companies treat you with? In our company pilot is not a part of an airplane! We have HR managers dedicated to every particular market (South and North America, Europe, Asia, Russia, Australia, Africa) that is why we truly understand all the “small details” and have a better understanding of the pilot’s needs.

With headquarters located in Guangzhou, we have direct contact with such giants of Chinese aviation like China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines and others. And we do care about the dialogue between companies and pilots. We will never leave you without an answer if you choose to apply with us!

Why should you work with us?

We always answer quickly. You don’t have to wait for years to get a reply!

We have international stuff which gives us a better understanding of foreign pilot’s needs.

We are young and ready to change! Most of “leaders of industry” are too big to care for every pilot and it’s not rare that they just cast away pilots instead of helping them to find a job. Being a new company we just can’t afford such an attitude!

We accompany every pilot through the whole process of the application. Applying with us you do not only find a job in China. You will acquire friends who will help you through the whole process of interview and even will help you with your daily life needs in China, such as house and car renting, children school, pilots party, medical assistance and so on.

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