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About Flightcrew Resources International Limited (FRI)

Flightcrew Resources International Limited (FRI) is established in 2008 as a flight crew leasing and human resources company with its headquarter in Hong Kong, specializing primarily in the supply of qualified crew members to airlines and aviation employment opportunities world-wide. FRI has been working in partnership with Chinese airlines to cope with current and future manpower shortages as they are growing rapidly. By the end of April 2010, FRI has already recruited 50 pilots for Shenzhen Airlines, who come from all over the world including Brazil, Korea, Slovakia, America, UK, France, Italy, Russia, Hungary, Georgia and Canada. Most of them brought their family to China and FRI also assisted them with housing arrangement, children education, health insurance, etc. 

 What makes us unique is as following:

Mid-to-High End service brand positioning. We are mainly focusing on major airlines in China while seeking business in Southeast Asia, selecting highly qualified flight crew to tailor the requirements of mid-to-high end airlines.


Professional channel integration. With years of experiences in aviation management, we keep upgrading the data of flight crew worldwide and unify the recruitment.


Highly efficient screening and recruiting. We resort to shorten the time of work permit and work visa settlement for the pilots.


Customized and value-added services. We provide services ranging from life consulting to career planning to meet different needs of pilots.   With the concept of Trust, Respect and Professionalism, we are always committed to provide the pilots with top-rated, comfortable and highly accessible services to experience China.

•          Friendly

•          Responsible

•          Innovative

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