B757 to B767 Differences Training, PIC Part 61.58 or SIC Part 61.55. FAA Approved

Asia / Europe / Colorado / Florida / Minnesota / Nevada / Ohio / Tennessee
25 Jun 2013
31 Dec 2014

This course is to ensure that each crewmember has the knowledge and skills needed to operate the B767 aircraft in his/her assigned duty position. FAA Approved.


  • Previously trained and qualified in a flight crewmember position on the B757 aircraft.

Course Duration: Approximately 6 Days
Classroom Instruction: 16:00 Hours
System Integration Training: 12:00 Hours (8:00 hours classroom; mock-up or simulator without motion + 4:00 hours briefing)
Simulator/Flight Training: 08:00 Hours per crew (Level C or higher) Simulator
Proficiency Check for PIC: 3 Hours per trainee (Level C or higher)
Qualification Check for SIC: 3 Hours per trainee (Level C or higher)