Boeing 737-NG PIC Reduced Certification, ATP/Type Rating, Part 61. Indian DGCA Approved

Asia / Europe / Colorado / Florida / Minnesota / Nevada / Ohio / Tennessee
26 Jun 2013
31 Dec 2014

This course is for crewmembers that have been qualified as B-737 Pilot within the last 59 months, with a minimum of 250 hours in type. The course provides the crewmember with the necessary knowledge and skills to obtain a B737 Type Rating. Indian DGCA Approved.


  • Serving as a B 737 active crew member within the last 59 months
  • Minimum of 250 hours in type
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate with Multi Engine Land
  • Instrument Rating
  • ATP written; or hold an ATP
  • and meets the requirements of Part 61

Course Duration: Approximately 12 Days
Classroom Instruction: 21:00 Hours
Simulator/Flight Training: * Paired: 12:00 Hours PF, 12:00 Hours PM or to proficiency (Level C or higher) 02:00 Hours LOFT (Each Pilot)
Simulator/Certification Check: 3 Hours per trainee (Level C or higher)