Betts Job ID 10327: B737-400 Check Airmen/TRI Captains Contracts, Asia

24 Oct 2012
21 Nov 2012
Contract Type
Full Time

Betts Job ID 10327: B737-400 Check Airmen/TRI Captains Contracts, Asia

The Position:
Are you a type rated Check Airman and/or TRI on B737-400?  If you are and you’re also current and ready to report by November 2012, our Client plans to hire 2 x B737-400 Type Rated Instructor Captains to join their Operation.  The positions are based in Karachi, so if you're seriously interested in applying (and meet the Pakistan CAA hiring criteria outlined below) we look forward to hearing from you.

Who Will They Hire?

  • You must be as a type rated Check Airman and/or TRI on B737-400, with all your B737-400 documents and PC checks up to date.  Please don’t apply if you're not (we’re sorry, but there’s definitely no options for waiting to secure type ratings on this one).
  • Successful Pilots will be required to report by early November 2012.

Qualifications/Experience needed:

  • A valid Pilots’ Licence which does not expire before July 2013
  • You must have been into the Sim, for your B737-400 check rides, approximately 3-4 months before the day you report
  • You must have flown the B737-400 in the 3-4 months leading up to the day you report
  • You should have at least 1000 hours on type (approx)
  • A valid Class 1 Medical
  • English Level 4

Please note: the Pakistan CAA requires that you are aged 62 or younger.

Valid Certification in the following will enhance your application:  

  • Dangerous Goods Regulations/DGR
  • CRM
  • Aviation Security

Salary and Outline Benefits

  • Accommodation: Business Class Hotel accommodation with breakfast in Karachi or Rupees 60,000 per month for self-accommodation
  • During Duty Away from Base: Business Class Hotel accommodation is provided by the Airline
  • Ground Transportation: Provided between base/residence, layover stations and airports
  • Days Off during Operations: As per CAA Pakistan regulations
  • Annual Vacation: 20 days per annum pro rata (can be accumulated)
  • Sick Leave: Maximum allowance of 10 days per annum
  • Hours: 80 block hours per month.
  • Overtime: Hours in excess of 80 block hours per month will incur overtime at a rate of US$60 per hour for Captains and US$40 for First Officers
  • Health/Emergency Insurance: Provided by the Airline
  • Indemnity Insurance: Provided by the Airline
  • Uniforms: Provided by the Airline
  • Air Tickets/Travel: Economy tickets provided, plus one per year for Spouse. ID90s where available
  • Work Permits/Visas: Provided by the Airline
  • Monthly Salary: US$12,500 (paid without tax deduction)
  • Per Diem: Rupees 4,500 per day (approx USD83.00)

How to apply:
Please click on the 'Apply Now' button to send the following information by email to our recruitment team

a)  A copy of your up to date CV/Resume (as a Word.doc or other open format, please)
b) Our Clients always appreciate an appropriate photograph if you are happy to send one
c) We’ll return our 1-page Qualifications Summary Form (QSF) for you to complete.

Please don’t send any other Certificates or Documents until we ask for them.

Selection/Interview Process

The Airline will assess Candidate CVs and QSF together then invite qualified Pilots to join the Operation.
We’ll liaise closely with you at each step, supporting any Offer Negotiations and Reporting Plans that may be reached.
We will make sure you receive feedback about your application as soon as possible.

Thank you
The Betts Team
October 2012