CL605 First Officer

Middle East
6,500 US$ net of tax plus yearly bonus and benefits
30 Jan 2013
27 Feb 2013
Contract Type
Full Time

Bombardier Challenger CL605 First Officer 

Our Client, a commercial corporate air carrier operating in the Middle East, requires for immediate employment two Challenger CL605 First Officers for corporate domestic and international operations.

Candidates must:

  • hold a recognized commercial pilot license with a type rating on the CL605;
  • have at least 2,500 hours total time;
  • have at least 1,000 hours total time on multi-crew multi-engine jet aircraft;
  • have at least 200 hours on the type;
  • hold MCC certification;
  • have at least one year of experience in a corporate flying environment;
  • have flown the aircraft within the last six months;
  • hold a Class 1 medicalbe less than age 50;
  • - have at least three months of currency left on their type rating from the date of entry into service.

Including salary, bonuses and allowances and averaged over the three year contract, our client offers a superb benefit package totaling 9,800 US $ tax free per month. It includes the following:

  • a monthly salary of 6,500 US $ tax free (equivalent to approximately 10,000 US $ per month before income tax*);
  • a loyalty bonus of 8,000 US $ tax free (equivalent to approximately 13,300 US $ per month before income tax) paid after twelve months of service0
  • a loyalty bonus of 10,000 US $ tax free (equivalent to approximately 15,300 US $ before income tax) paid after twenty four months of service;
  • a loyalty bonus of 12,000 US $ tax free (equivalent to approximately 18,400 US $ before income tax) paid after thirty six months of service;
  • a per diem while on duty of 120 US $ tax free per day (for meals and incidentals);
  • an end of service benefit equivalent to twenty one days of paid service for each year of service;
  • a monthly lodging allowance of 2,200 US $ tax free;
  • a monthly ground transportation allowance of 300 US $ tax free;
  • a company supplied international medical coverage plan for pilot, spouse and up to two children (AXXA Platinum coverage);
  • a school allowance of 5,500 US $ tax free per year child for up to two children; 
  • a yearly return ticket to country of residence for the pilot, his spouse and up to two children;
  • a 30 day paid annual vacation;

* : Presented for illustrative comparative purposes only as there is no income tax in country of work. Equivalent before income tax remuneration is based on a taxation rate of 35%, amounts are higher in case of higher taxation rates.

A three year renewable contract is offered.

To apply

Candidates can apply by visiting AeroPersonnel’s Web Site at Clicking in sequence on the Job Central, Apply for a Job will lead them to the application portal where after selecting the CL605FO/JZR job they can upload their resume and fill-in on-line their licencing and experience information. Aviation documents listed below can also be uploaded through this portal.

  • Photo page of passport;
  • ATP licence front and back;
  • Valid Class 1 medical certificate;
  • Last three pages of logbook;
  • Last PC report if available;
  • Licence validation letter from local CAA;
  • No accident/violation letter from local CAA 

Alternatively, candidates can e-mail their resume as a MS Word (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) attachments at In this case, please indicate reference CL605FO/JZR in your cover email and documents can be emailed to

Resumes must indicate PIC time on type and date of last flight on the CL605 aircraft family. Date of birth information must also be indicated.

Resumes in PDF File format or Word documents containing graphic files are not compatible with our computerized recruitment management system. They are automatically set aside and have to be replaced.

Please drop me a note when you have competed your application confirming you have done so.

Only candidates meeting the above requirements will be contacted.

Last updated : January 16, 2013.