Network Opt And Schedules Integration Manager

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Attractive tax-free package
05 Feb 2013
05 Mar 2013
Contract Type
Full Time

Tomorrow you could be living in dynamic Dubai and earning a tax-free salary with global benefits. Starting with two aircraft and a handful of enthusiastic people, we have grown at a phenomenal rate. We are now one of the fastest growing airlines in the world, flying to over 125 destinations across 6 continents.

We are looking for people to join our global family of over 54,000 people from 160 nationalities across a diverse range of disciplines. If you are a high performer, seeking unparalleled career opportunities, join the Emirates team and help us create the future of travel.

The Position:

Manage and represent Commercial Planning as the stake holder unit at the Network Control Centre (NCC), providing direction and support to ensure Commercial issues are appropriately addressed and resolved. Be jointly responsible for planning and decision making process at the NCC to ensure that the commercial objectives and overall corporate objectives are achieved with a focus on quick schedule recovery.
Design and develop operating procedures, process manuals and initiate new processes to carry out schedule adjustments to effectively match supply and demand across the Emirates route network to achieve higher revenue potential and cost savings. Lead, plan and organise to integrate long-term and short-term schedules in Central Schedule Repository (CSR) as this forms the fundamental source for updating Emirates flight schedules in all relevant systems.

Job Accountabilities:


1. Audit the performance of the Network Optimisation & Charters Controllers (NO&CC) and provide instant decisions to all operational issues which need commercial input. Devise procedures, checklists, write and update business process manuals as well as provide professional expertise to NO&CCs to make time-bound critical decisions in order to capitalise revenue making opportunities and achieve significant cost savings through timely implementation of aircraft swaps and extra flights.

2. Independently identify flights with high and low demand, review aircraft re-assignment options and recommend solutions to adjust capacity on a per flight basis, per route basis where seat supply is constrained in order to achieve unbudgeted incremental revenue and enhanced profits. Influence relevant stakeholders and take their input to develop alternatives in order to gain buy-in for changes. Establish the pattern of aircraft swaps and formulate trends to provide strategic decision making processes to senior management on the changing market dynamics so that future Operating Plans can be fine-tuned to take cognizance of such demand.

3. Independently monitor weak performing/loss making flights and lead tactical price changes with commercial operations, where appropriate. Influence and negotiate with Area Managers/Sale Managers, SVP-COs and MCBDs to improve loads, failing which, recommend flight cancellation or downsizing of aircraft thereby mitigating the losses.

4. Effectively seek and negotiate, on behalf of Manager Network Optimisation & Charters, with various aeronautical authorities/airport slot coordinators and ground service providers to obtain landing/handling permissions for operation of extra flights, charter flights and aircraft gauge changes. These ad-hoc operations are vital contributors for incremental revenues/profits.

5. Manage tactically and create spare aircraft time to launch extra-sections during periods of high season and major world events like Haj, Umrah, Nowroz, Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Summer Surprise, Chinese New Year, etc., whilst simultaneously ensuring that schedule integrity is maintained.

6. Manage the production of Emirates public timetables on a seasonal basis. Direct OAG timetable production house in the UK to ensure Emirates schedules are captured correctly and Emirates online and interline connectivity is built to provide maximum product exposure to the travelling public. Coordinate with the printers on design and layout of the timetables to enhance the visibility of Emirates’ network and new city-pairs resulting in higher revenue potential.

Specialized: (NCC/Network Optimisation)

1. Steer the activities of all operational stakeholders, viz. Engineering Planning, Operations/Hub Control, Flight Dispatch, Crew Scheduling, Airport Services, SkyCargo and DNATA, towards realization of incremental revenue/cost saving opportunities arising from aircraft reassignment/extra flights. Effective and timely coordination with these stakeholders will result in capitalisation of market demand and maximum utilisation of spare aircraft time leading to higher profits.

2. Manage, evaluate and address all operational constraints and issues which could impact the commercial objectives of the company and co-ordinate to implement recovery plans assessing the revenue and cost benefits of such decisions. Identify threats and opportunities that may arise during any disruptions or deviations and be able to lead and provide direction to the Area/Airport Managers at the outstations to minimise service failures and customer inconvenience.

3. Represent Commercial Planning at the FDU (Flight Disruption Unit) as and when it is activated for major schedule disruption, diversions etc. and also represent on all contingency response plans in the event of a serious aircraft incident or accident, heading up the Incident Support Units where applicable.

4. Project manage charter flights throughout its life cycle, extend support to Manager Network Optimisation and Charters with the price quote and provide valuable inputs for an efficient charter operation, covering all commercial and operational aspects. These flights are of high business value and hence need skilful negotiations with internal and external stake holder to ensure efficient and smooth operations.

5. Evaluate and manage the night curfew and slot constrains at various airports and co-ordinate with airport and regulatory authorities to obtain slot confirmation, landing/take-off permission of all aircraft which are off-schedule and re-plan the flights in order to comply, in case of deviations, with the local requirements and effectively manage the continued increase in slot constrained airports. Failure in complying with the regulatory requirements invites fines to the airline and possible loss of historic slot.

Salary & Benefits: We offer an attractive tax-free salary, paid in Dirhams, the local currency of the UAE.

Experience and Qualifications:


  • University Graduate
  • Masters Degree in Business Management from a reputed institute will be an asset.


  • Minimum of 8+Year’sexperience in Airline Industry specifically in Network optimisation/flight scheduling.


  • Sound knowledge of flight scheduling, passenger charter sales, airline operations, aviation regulations.
  • A broad based knowledge of commercial, operational and financial aspects of the airline industry.
  • Excellent knowledge of IT systems.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • IATA SSIM chapter 4 — Standard schedules message procedures.
  • IATA SSIM chapter 6 — Airport slot co-ordination procedures.
  • IATA SSIM chapter 7 — Presentation and transfer of schedule data set.


  • Computer literate with expertise in flight scheduling systems and thorough knowledge of IATA scheduling guidelines and electronic data transfer mechanisms.