B737NG First Officers - KAL

South Korea
09 Mar 2013
06 Apr 2013
Contract Type
Full Time

<p><u><strong>BACKGROUND</strong></u><br /> Korean Air is continuing to increase their Expat pilot crew, this is a great opportunity to join a World Class airline and become part of the established community of Expat Flight Crew currently enjoying the benefits of this commuting contract. Home bases are available in the UK, US and other worldwide locations.<br /> <br /> CCL has been the recruiting agency of choice since 2000 and continues to lead the field in Banking and Insurance, with prompt personal service.&nbsp; CCL currently has the largest assemblage of pilots in the ex-pat category.<br /> <br /> KAL are currently offering monthly screenings, please visit www.kal-ccl.com&nbsp; for current available dates.<br /> <br /> <u><strong>BENEFITS</strong></u><br /> • 9 continuous days off per month at nominated home base, (plus 2 days annual leave per month = 11 continuous days per month), up to 3 days commuting provided<br /> • Attractive travel benefits for family members<br /> • Top quality Hotel accommodation and transport provided in ICN and throughout KAL network.<br /> • Excellent worldwide banking and insurance options available<br /> • Prompt, personal service from the CCL team<br /> <br /> <u><strong>REQUIREMENTS</strong></u><br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The current requirement is for B737NG&nbsp;First Officers.<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The retirement age for F/O’s is 55, the maximum recruitment age is 44 (being less than 45).<br /> <br /> <strong style="line-height: 1.6em;">B737NG</strong><br /> <strong>First Officer<br /> Minimum Requirements</strong><br /> • 300+ hours on B737NG<br /> • 1000+ total airline Jet transport hours<br /> • Flight on type within 12 months<br /> • Less than 45 years of age at date of joining<br /> • Completed Tertiary Degree/Diploma (minimum 2 year course).<br /> <br /> For Further details please visit our website www.kal-ccl.com&nbsp;<br /> <br /> These 5 year contracts offer competitive salary packages with worldwide commuting on KAL’s route network. To receive full Terms and Conditions and package details please email us your CV/Resume including a summary of your flight experience. Please ensure that you do meet the requirements mentioned.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Cambridge Communications Limited (CCL) is a Client focused recruitment / Crew leasing company with a commitment to personal service, your questions are welcome.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Email your CV/Resume with Flight experience by pressing the apply Now button<br /> <br /> ________________________________________<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>