Captain B737-800, Airbus A330, Airbus A380

10 May 2013
07 Jun 2013
Contract Type
Full Time

Position:                                             Captain B737-800, Airbus A330, Airbus A380


Assignment:                                       Skymark Airlines Co., Ltd., Japan - (SKY) (BC)


Flight Base:                                        Tokyo.


Length of Assignment:                      Three (3) years plus training for initial contract.


                                                          Renewal is expected, but not guaranteed.


Expected Start Date:                         Classes Starting Monthly for B737


                                                         Classes for A330 in Fall 2013 and A380 Winter 2013 Ongoing interviews in Tokyo, Miami, Seattle. Other locations to be announced monthly by demand.


Qualification Requirements:            1)    1500 hours minimum total PIC time.  No Type Rating required for B737. For A330 a Type Rating in Airbus family aircraft. A380 will initially require a A380 Type. (Required experience in one or more of the aircraft types listed)  B717, B737-400 to 900, B757, B767, B744, B777, B787, A320, A321, A330, A340, A380, MD90, MD-11, EMB145 to 195, CRJ200 to CRJ1000NG, F100                 

                                                            2)    Airline Transport Pilot License (“ATPL”) from ICAO           recognized country.


                                                            3)    5000 hours minimum total Pilot flight time.


                                                            4)    Captain Position in last Flight Experience. (most cases)


                                                            5)    Max age: 60 or below at Class start for ICAO ATPL.
60+ may be considered for current JCAB ATPL holders. 


                                                            6)    Current or Recent Airline operational experience.


                                                            7)    Last Flight Experience within last 1 ½ years.


                                                            8)    First Class Medical Certificate. (ICAO)


                                                            9)    Radio License issued by member of ITU.


                                                            10)  ICAO English Proficiency Certificate. (Or equivalent)


                                                            11)  Letter(s) of reference. (On Request)


                                                             Note: Special consideration may be made for pilots with a JCAB - ATPL License


Compensation:                                  Approximate $175,000 + comprised of:

                                                         75Hour Guarantee:  US$8,000 month


(Note: Initial Training pay US$7,000 month) Japanese income taxes are paid by Skymark.


Yen Adjustment:                               Yen adjustment payment,

                                                         (Yen to USD exchange rate - when below is 85 to $1USD.)


Contract Completion Bonus:             US$9,000.00

 Overtime Rate:                                 $106.67/hour over 75 hours (Line Captain Rate)


 Flight Per Diem:                               Japanese Yen 150,000/month flat rate Per Month.


 Housing Allowance:                         Japanese Yen 250,000/month, upon successful completion of JCAB


Captain Line Check.


 Japanese Taxes:                                All Japanese Taxes are paid by Skymark.


Loss of License Insurance:                Optional LOL Policy – will be available soon. 


Move-in/Furniture Allowance:           Japanese Yen300,000 (one time allowance), upon successful completion of JCAB Captain Line Check.


Travel Assistance:                             One positive space round-trip airline ticket each month from assigned base to home of record. Or optional cash payment in-lieu of ticketing.


Vacation:                                            20 days per year. (24 days per year on second contract)


Sick Leave:                                        12 days per year.  


Medical/Dental Insurance:                Japanese National Medical Insurance provided by Skymark. Worldwide Group Medical plan coverage for Employee provided by IGL. Additional family coverage is also available.


Education Allowance:                       Optional Education Assistance is available. (Conditions apply)


Training:                                            Initial training is normally conducted in Tokyo, Japan. Monthly training guarantee, hotel accommodations and a flat rate
                                                          Per-diem allowance are all provided during initial training.


 Route Structure:                               Japan Domestic, and Short Range International Destinations


 Schedule:                                           20 Days on and 10 days off and free from duty each month.
(                                                           Off days assigned in Blocks to allow for Home travel)


 Uniforms:                                          To be provided by airline.


 IASCO Global Pte. Ltd.  (IGL)

333 North Bridge Road #08-00,

KH KEA Building, Singapore 188721

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