Avionics Engineer m/f - ref. KV

Following range of tasks is provided in the area of avionics:
-Analysis of the existing configuration and the cockpit layout with regard to necessary changes in order to meet current or future admission requirements,
-Evaluation of the cockpit layouts in terms of ergonomics and functionality,
-Market analysis and selection of the necessary components and equipment according to technical and economic aspects,
-Creation of the modification designs (EO, SB).

The qualification should be as follows:
-Good knowledge of the relevant licensing requirements,
-Knowledge of at least three years of professional experience in the areas of modification / design of avionics and / or electrical systems (ATA 23, 24, 31, 34, 39, 45, 46),
-Completed university or technical education,
-Systematic, analytical, structured and able to work independently,
- teamwork and reliable trade.