Lead Engineer

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Reports hierarchically to the Manager Engineering;
  • Reports functionally to the Section Leader Engineering or, if applicable, to the Project Leader Engineering;
  • Gives directions, where necessary, and within the defined rules and procedures, to one or more Construction Engineers/Draughtsmen;
  • Produces engineering documents in relation to the naval architecture, mechanical engineering, timber engineering, and electrical engineering systems for the construction projects;
  • Independently makes complicated sketches and drawings for the layout, arrangement, construction, plan drawings, and production drawings, together with the associated calculations, and specifies the materials and work details;
  • Contributes, where necessary, information that is relevant for the development of the planning schedule;
  • Formulates solutions and/or alternatives for complex technical problems;
  • Monitors and identifies any inconsistencies between the design principles and the practical execution;
  • Draws up the technical purchasing specifications for materials, equipment, outsourcing, and services;
  • Collects and analyses the available information for the production of drawings, calculations, and specifications, and consults with the Section Leader Engineering concerning the design principles and/or starting points;
  • Analyses, evaluates, and/or modifies the documents produced for completeness, correctness, cohesiveness, practicality, and consistency with the related drawings etc.;
  • Solves problems during the construction phase in consultation with the Work Preparation department, and reports on such to the Engineering Group Leader;
  • Contributes to the development of standardisation proposals, and makes suggestions on how to improve working methods, construction designs, and systems;
  • Contributes to department activities not associated with particular projects;
  • Participates in meetings, and makes a positive contribution during such;
  • Represents the interests of, and helps to resolve problems within, the department, and motivates/encourages others to create a shared commitment to the achievement of the objectives;
  • Gives advice in relation to Total Quality Management issues related to the area of responsibility.


  • A Bachelor's degree or equivalent vocational experience in naval architecture or mechanical engineering, plus 3 years' relevant work experience;
  • Good command of English;

Experience of yacht building is a plus