DHC-8-400 Pilot Development Programme

Croatia (HR)
19 Dec 2016
16 Jan 2017
Q-400 Line Training
Contract Type
Full Time

DHC-8-400 (Q-400) TYPE RATING / BASE + LINE TRAINING + 500 HOURS.(Self-sponsored)

Brookfield Education and Training is pleased to announce a unique offer to newly qualified pilots to gain a type rating on a new ‘state of the art’ airliner, with base and line training plus 500 hours commercial airline experience.

The Q-400 is the latest and longest member of the successful DHC-8 family. With new engines, avionics and systems, a modified wing and stretched fuselage, it is essentially an all-new aeroplane, which is selling well around the world creating a strong demand for type-rated pilots.

This Pilot Development Programme is for zero hours and low-time pilots to obtain type ratings and gain flying experience on Q-400 and is conducted with one of our European business partners. At the end of the programme you will have the type rating on your EASA licence and the experience gained to qualify for most Q-400 first officer positions in Europe and beyond.

There is no better value 500 hour programme on offer anywhere in the world. Salary expectations for Q-400 pilots are commensurate with those for jet pilots and there are many employment opportunities available. In summary, this is half the price of equivalent training on Boeing or Airbus and will fast track you into the industry as a fully qualified airline pilot.