B-737EFIS/NG/757/767 | Captain Rated & Non-Rated |SF Express Airlines |USD$247,000.00 Year

Up to USD$247,000.00 Year
15 Feb 2017
15 Mar 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

Airline Profile

Established in December of 2009, SF Airlines is affiliated to SF Express, headquarter in Bao'an Airport Shenzhen. As the first domestic express airlines company, SF airlines has been developing very rapidly. There are 30 aircrafts so far and plan for introducing five each year continuously. Currently we are recruiting B737EFIS/NG Captains.

Captain Package

Contract Choices: Residence Package or Commuting Package

Up to USD$247,000.00 Year

Approximate NET compensation per month:

Not including the prorated amounts for the annual bonus and contract completion bonus, the basic guaranteed salary is approximately:   

$22,100 per month (Residents)

$19,435 per month (Commuter)

Base Salary (minimum guarantee): $13,532/mo.

Annual Bonus (before tax): $8,130/yr

Contract Completion Bonus (before tax): $40,705 paid at the end of the 5 year contract.

The contract is based on a 50 hour minimum guarantee. Fight hours above 50 hours are calculated using $322/hour overtime rate.

Requirements & Qualifications:

500 hours PIC time on type (for candidates who are current within 12-24 months)

Type rated Captains should have one year PIC experience

Total time 4000 hours

Aircraft type: B737EFIS and NG, B757/767.

For non-rated pilots, B747/B777/A320/A330/EMB145-195/CRJ200-1000 type experience will be accepted for transition training (Airbus Captains must have some Boeing experience)

For B737/757/767 Captains who are not current, 800 hours of PIC time on Boeing types will be required. - Last flight on type must be within 24 months.

CAAC LICENSE HOLDERS: If you have a CAAC license you may be eligible for a transition program.

Valid ATP license, valid passport, Class A Medical

At least Category 1 Instrument Rating

Must be from a country with diplomatic ties to China

No incidents or accidents, no license limitations

-CAO English proficiency level 4

Age 54 maximum for rated Captains

Age 53 maximum for non-rated Captains

Domicile: Shenzhen, China

Contract Term: 5 years, renewable

Resident Package:

Days off: 4 consecutive days/month (average 10-12 days off per mo)

Annual leave: 25 days

Housing allowance: $2,230/month (reimbursement)

Residence allowance: $1,628/month, added to your base salary. OR Tuition Support for

dependents attending school in China up to $1,628/month (reimbursement).

Relocation fee: up to 3,257USD for extra luggage (reimbursement)

Annual ticket allowance: $11,400/year (reimbursement...Can be shared by the family of the

resident pilot)

Insurance Allowance: For payment of medical, dental or loss of license insurance: $8,143/year,

reimbursable. Additional allowance of up to $814/year for one family member, $1,628 for two

family members.

Annual bonus: up to $8,140/year (subject to the annual performance evaluation)

Safety Bonus:  $30/hr (based on annual flight hours)  With no accident or incident, you could expect

around $18,000.  (600 hours x $30)

Contract completion bonus: $40,705 (Paid at the completion of contract, with no incident or accident)

Commuting Package:

Days off: 10 consecutive days per month or 4 weeks on 2 weeks off

Annual leave: no annual leave on commuting program

Housing allowance: $1,490/month (reimbursement)

Residence allowance: no allowance. However, up to $1,628 reimbursement/month with receipt,

if dependents are educated in China. This reimbursement shall be deemed to be a part of the

basic salary before tax.

Relocation fee: up to $814 for extra luggage (reimbursement)

Annual ticket allowance: $11,400/year (for pilot only) (reimbursement)

Insurance Allowance: $8,143/year, reimbursable. (for pilot only)

Per diem: $5.00/hour (After Tax) (based on duty time, not flight hours).

Seniority pay: increased by $195/month per year of service maximum 15 years (Before Tax)

Transportation allowance: $570/mo (AFTER tax)

Annual bonus: up to $8,140/year (subject to the annual performance evaluation)

Contract completion bonus: $40,705 (Paid at the completion of contract, with no incident or accident)

For both Resident and Commuting Packages

Monthly guaranteed flight hours payment: 50 hours

Training pay:

Ground training: about 2-3 months, $9,502/month

Line training: about 1-2 months, $14,003/month

Sick leave: up to 10 days/year with basic salary

Medical treatment period: maximum of 6 month’s pay protection. The first month of the case

will be paid with full basic salary and seniority pay plus 50% guaranteed flight allowance, then

paid with full basic salary and seniority pay

Optional global medical/dental health plan (for pilot and family) through www.pilotifs.com will cover you

and your family anywhere in the world. Loss of CAAC Medical License Insurance exclusively for foreign

pilots in China is available at www.PilotIFs.com

Apartment rental assistance provided

Chinese income taxes will be paid by SF Express.


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