Whole Engine Thermal Analysis Specialist

CAS Aviation
Berlin (Bundesland) (DE)
AUG Contract Rates
01 Mar 2017
29 Mar 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

Principal Tasks:

·         Conducting thermo-mechanical analysis for the calculation of component temperatures and displacements to support the design and lifing of these components.

·         Generating thermo-mechanical models including setting up the proper heat transfer boundary conditions, e.g. relation between external flow pattern and convective heat transfer coefficient.

·         Analysing relative movements and optimisation of seal and tip clearances on whole engine level.

·         Defining and analysing validation and approval tests, incl. required instrumentation.

·         Interacting with other technical units, particularly as regards component design and thermal analysis.

·         Improving method and coordinating research activities and assisting in securing new projects as part of the company's approved R&T strategy.

·         Compiling technical reports for engine certification and approval of design changes.


Qualifications / Experience:

·      Above-average academic track record, with Diploma or Master's degree (or equivalent) in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering or comparable qualifications.

·      Excellent skills and knowledge of programming (in Visual Basic, Matlab etc.) in order to write scripts for analysis-task's automation.

·      Expertise and know-how in the field of heat transfer, thermo-mechanical analysis, and fluid dynamics as well as state-of-the-art engineering tools such as FEM and CFD.

·      Demonstrable 7+ years expertise relating to turbo engines, gas turbines and/or aero engines.

·      Well-developed communication skills, with the ability to get your point across in a reasoned manner.

·      High degree of professionalism in establishing a close rapport with units within the organisation as well as with external clients.

·      Excellent command of English language, 

·      EU member Passport holder.