Xiamen Air B737NG/EFIS TR Captains

Xiamen, Fujian, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Nanchang, Beijing, Quanzhou, Changsha, HongKong
Up to $32,200/mon + Perfect Benefits + Nine Working Modes + Beautiful Location
11 May 2017
08 Jun 2017
Urgently recruitment for B737NG/EFIS Caprains
Contract Type
Full Time

Quick Aviation is pleased to offer Captain positions for type rated crew on the Boeing 737NG with Xiamen Air.

Xiamen Air headquartered in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, on the southeast coast of China, Xiamen Airlines was the first airline company to operate as a modern enterprise, praised by President Xi Jinping as "the Epitome of Chinese aviation industry development".

Xiamen Airlines operates the largest all-Boeing fleet. By February 2017, the fleet was composed of 148 aircraft and is one of the youngest fleets in the world. The Company operates 350 international and domestic routes, covering China and beyond with a network that extends throughout Southeast and Northeast Asia. As intercontinental routes from Melbourne, Vancouver and Seattle opened successively; Xiamen Airlines achieved full coverage across Europe, North America and Oceania, and extended its reach around the globe through its membership in the SkyTeam Alliance.

Contracts are 3 years in length and offer a variety of lifestyle rosters that are sure to suit either a commuter or a pilot who wishes to live locally.



Contract Length: 3 years renewable

XMN offers 9 types of the roster of varying work cycles, and salary is commensurate with the roster chosen.

Also, XMN provides ¥10,000 RMB housing allowance and $6,000 Ticket Allowance.

Please note: All amounts below are net of Chinese tax.


Benefits and conditions are as follows:

Scheduling Model

  • Option 1: Non-commuting
  1. Annual Income: $305,876
  2. Safety Bonus: $24,000 per year
  3. Overtime: $300/h >900h yr.


  • Option 2: A.22 days on + 8 days off or B. 44 days on+ 8 days off
  1. Annual Income: $293,876
  2. Safety Bonus: $24,000 per year
  3. Overtime: $280/h >900h yr.


  • Option 3: A.19 days on + 11 days off or B.38 days on + 22 days off
  1. Annual Income: $245,876
  2. Safety Bonus: $18,000 per year
  3. Overtime: $250/h > 780h yr.


  • Option 4: 17 days on+ 13 days off or 34 days on + 26 days off
  1. Annual Income: $233,876
  2. Safety Bonus: $18,000 per year
  3. Overtime: $250/h > 780h yr.


  • Option 5:     A. 30 days on +30 days off   or  B. 2 months on+2 months off
  1. Annual Income:         $173,800                                         $143,880
  2. Safety Bonus:        $10,000 per year                            $10,000 per year
  3. Overtime:            $250/h > 600h yr.                            $250/h >560h. y


Minimum Requirements:

  • Total Flight Time: Over 5000 hrs.
  • Multi-engine jet time: over 2000 hrs.
  • B737NG/EFIS PIC Hours: Over 500 hrs.
  • Age Limitation: Under 55 years old
  • Last Flight: Last flight as PIC on relevant type within 12 months

What else can Quick Aviation do when I apply with them?

Quick Aviation's office is located in Guangzhou, China. Our specialist team can provide more assistance for your life in China:

1. SIM Check Instruction
2. Medical Inquiry
3. ATP Questions Study Assistance
4. House Renting
5. Car License Endorsement
6. International School for Children
7. Medical Assistance
8. Attractions Tourist Guidance
9. Pilots Club