Embraer 120 & ERJ 145 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers recruiting

North America
$4,500 P.M Tax-free
09 Aug 2017
06 Sep 2017
EMB 120 & ERJ 145 Engineers recruitment
Contract Type
Full Time

We are pleased to inform you that we are recruiting the EMB120 & ERJ 145 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer for our client in North America. It is a permanent position. 

Term & Benefits

- Warm and attractive (seaside) working location

- Contract Term: Permanent Contract 

- Positions: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

- Remuneration: $4,500 per month

- Weekly Work Hours: Average 44 hours

- Overtime Payment: time in lieu is provided for overtime

- Roster Pattern: 5 days on, 2 days off

- Accommodation: Provided for first 30 days (Engineer to pay utilities)

- Transportation: Provided $500 one time

- Positioning Flight: Provided 50% expense of a flight ticket to the base

In case engineer away from the normal base to conduct duties

- Per diem: $50/ day

- Accommodation + Transportation: Provided Assessment

- Dates: TBA

- Location: Phone Interview (optional in person interview at base)

To apply: Please send your CV via ly(at)brookfieldav.com for review and further information.

Minimum Experience

- A minimum 2 years type rated for EMB120 or ERJ 145

- A minimum of 3 years working on type

- A minimum of 5 years as an ICAO Type I & II AMEL holder


- Current and valid ICAO Type II AMEL

- EMB120 or ERJ 145 type rating on airframe & powerplant (from an approved program).

- Must have worked on the EMB120 or ERJ 145 airframe within the last 14-months.

- Other Types to be experienced on B99 & DHC6

- FAA A&P Engineer Licence desirable