B737NG Captain (TR and NTR) for Skymark Airlines

Tokyo Haneda Airpot
$13,500 per month (net).
11 Sep 2017
09 Oct 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

Minimum requirements are as follows:

  • 5,000 hours Total Time
  • Total PIC time 1500 hours on commercial jets
  • PIC for cross country: 100 hours, Cross country total time: 200 hours, Total night flight time: 100 hours, Total instrument time: 75 hours
  • Most recent flight experience within 12 months
  • Valid ATP license from ICAO country with no limitations, valid passport, First Class Medical
  • Maximum age 55 for rated Captains, and 50 for non-rated Captains.  Exceptions will be considered for JCAB license holders.
  • ICAO level 4 English proficiency
  • Flight Radiotelephony Operator's License
  • Body mass index 30 or less
  • Lasik / RK eye surgery is not allowed
  • Non-rated B737-800 candidates must have 1500 hours PIC experience on one or a combination of the following aircraft types:  F100, B717, B737-400-900, B757, B767, B744, B777, B787, MD90, MD11, EMB 145/170/175/190, CRJ200/700/900/1000. A300-600, A320

Total package approximately $13,500 per month (net)

Base Salary: $8,000USD/month (net) - Minimum Guarantee of 75 hours/month ($7,000 during initial training)

Contract Completion Bonus of $9,000 USD  -1st contract.   Second Contract $18,000 USD ($6,000 paid yearly)
Overtime is paid at $106.67/hour (1/75 x $8000)
Paid personal leave: 20 days per year for 1st contract term. Increases to 24 days /year for Second contract

Sick leave: 10 days per year
Days off per month: 10 days minimum. You can request that the days off be assigned consecutively, if you are commuters.  Days off can be sold back to the company at $800 per day depending on Scheduling needs.
Per Diem of 150,000JPY (approx. $1500 USD) / month from start of training 
Housing allowance: 250,000 JPY (approx. $2500) / month (after probationary period. Service Apartment is provided during training).   If rent less than 250,000 JPY, remainder of housing allowance will be paid in cash.
Moving allowance: 300,000 JPY (one time) Moving/Furniture allowance (after probationary period)
Education allowance (for Japan local residents): 50,000 JPY (approx. $500) per child / month, if they attend school in Japan (6 ~18 years old).
Travel Support (for Commuter):  $500 travel support during probationary period. After training, ONE positive-space round-trip air ticket per month between Crew Base and Home Residence or $500 USD.

NOTE:  for any month where you fly more than 80 hours, and the average for the previous 3 months is 65 hours, a business class ticket will be provided (or $1000 cash).

Contract Renewal.  Some benefits which are available after the first contract term are as follows:

  1. Additional base salary of $2000 per month is available for those who are interested/selected to become instructors after first contract. 
  2.  Increased consecutive days off.  If you are interested in additional days off per month, the following options are available after first contract:

a. 8,000USD monthly salary with 10 H days off per month.

b. 7,500USD monthly salary with 11 H days off per month.

 c. 7,000USD monthly salary with 12 H days off per month.