B737EFIS or NG Captains - OK Air

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11 Sep 2017
09 Oct 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

Minimum requirements are as follows:

  • Minimum requirements are as follows:

  • 500 hours PIC time on the B737 EFIS or NG
  • Total time 5000 hours  (current on type within 12 months)
  • NOTE: Although NG and EFIS Captains will be accepted, you must have some NG experience, either sim or flight time.  The company sim check will be on the NG.
  • Valid Proficiency Check
  • Valid ATP license with no limitations
  • Valid passport, Class A Medical
  • Maximum age 55
  • Must be from a country which has diplomatic relations with China
  • Must present a criminal history showing no history of criminal activity

​​​Domicile:  Beijing, Changsha, Xi'an or Tianjin, China

Term:  4 years initial contract.  Renewable

7 different scheduling options are available:  (all amounts are net)

4 Year contract Details:

36 days annual leave:  $23,541/mo

8 days off per month:  $21,666/mo

6 weeks on, 2 weeks off: $21,166/mo

10 days off per month:  $20,071/mo

6 weeks on, 3 weeks off:  $19,541/mo

15 days off per month:  $15,104/mo

2 months on, 2 months off:  $11,645/mo

  1. See details on www.wasinc.net

Loyalty Bonus:  Starting from the 2nd contract term, $12000yr(5-6th ),$18000yr(7-8th),$24000yr(9th+)

Training pay:  $7,900 per month during training. Maximum training pay is 90 days.
Overtime:  see above
Sick Leave:  8 days per year.
Company Tickets: 

four(4) confirmed tickets and 8 standby tickets in China on OK Air flight network.  For use by pilot and immediate family members.

Contract termination penalty: $3,000 if less than 60 days advance notice.
Tax receipt will be provided every quarter.

Good flight schedules, normally 4 days flight, 2-3 days off. Two operational bases, one is in Tianjin (30 minutes to Beijing), foreign captains mostly fly in Tianjin where most flight routes are long flight routes. The other is in Changsha (middle of china), foreigner captains go to Changsha for three continual days once or twice in one month.

Insurance Benefits:
Optional International Medical and Dental program (worldwide coverage) may be purchased for self and family members. See www.pilotifs.com for details.

Travel to Interview:
OKAir will reimburse you for the cost of obtaining your tourist visa.
Ticket will be purchased by you, and then reimbursed by OKAir.

Apartment rental assistance and day-to-day living support provided by local Chinese staff