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13 Sep 2017
27 Sep 2017
Brian O'Farrell
Contract Type
Full Time

POST: Line Captains Dash8

Contract: Two years renewable

Location: Maldives

Basic Pay: USD 7,000.00 per month (Seven Thousand)

- USD 1,500.00 from each month for the first three months' salary twill be retained by the Company. The amount will be released only after completion of contract period. If the candidate fails in the line training it will not be refunded.

Transportation allowance from Male' jetty to Airport and vv for duty purposes:

An Allowance (in Maldivian Rufiyaa)

Accommodation allowance: USD1,000.00 per month (One Thousand)

Air Ticket: Will provide an Economy Class one way ticket:

-To travel to Male' from Country of domicile prior to commencement of the Contract

-To travel to Country of domicile from Male' after completion of Contract and every six month during contract period

Visa and Work Permit: Arranged by Employer


Health Insurance: As per Company policy

Personal accident cover: On 24 hour's basis for death and disablement arising there from including whilst flying in any aircraft. Coverage includes whilst on and off duty. Terms apply.

Gym membership: Membership (Gym in Capital Male') available at a discounted rate

Concessional travel: 1 FOC return ticket annually for any destination operated by Maldivian (employee needs to bear all applicable taxes and 20% insurance, 20% fuel surcharge) given as follows:

- Married Employee: The employee's spouse, infant (below 02 years) and a maximum of 03 (three) eligible children under the age of 18 (eighteen) years and should not be married.

- Single Employee: Employee's parents

Island Recreational Club (IRC): Recreational activities held on planned dates annually

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Work pattern Annual leave: 56 days (split into 04 equal blocks)

Annual work days: 309 days (split into 04 blocks)

Per block:

Block: 1-3. 77 working days and 14 leave days

Block: 4. 78 working days and 14 leave days

The Head of Department shall grant leave after considering that granting leave would not affect the normal operations of the Flight Operations Department and with consultation of both parties leave days may have to be adjusted.

Company shall provide return Economy class ticket home base on completion of every six month of work.

OFF days: As per Maldives Civil Aviation Authority's requirements