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13 Sep 2017
11 Oct 2017
Aimee King
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Full Time

CAE Parc Aviation are presently accepting applications for experienced Records Consultants to work on project assignments for our high-tier clients. Closing date for receipt of applications: 29 th September, 2017

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Position: Aircraft Consultant - Technical Records

Aircraft Types: Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, ATR, Q400, CRJ

Job Type: Contract - short/medium/long term (as required)

Locations: Asia/Europe/North America

Contact name: Aimee King

Email address:

Aircraft Documentation Knowledge

Ability to interpret complex legal language with respect to technical provisions of aircraft lease agreements, audits, technical support and regulatory requirements (e.g. AD's, JAR 145, FAR 121 and JAR OPS 1)

Familiarity with requirements for aircraft transfer between regulatory systems i.e. JAA to FAA and visa versa etc.

Familiarity with aircraft operational and maintenance manuals (e.g. AFM, MM, IPC, SRM, WDM)

Ability to cross reference tasks from the Operator's Maintenance Program to the Manufacturer's MPD

Familiarity with maintenance and component documents (e.g. AD write-ups, engine disc sheet formats, landing gear LLP summary formats, AD status summaries, components release documents such as 8130-3 or JAA Form 1's).

Familiarity with Engineering Order typical format, and approval mechanism (i.e local approval, FAA DER approved, STC, J-STC)

Ability to review documentation for accuracy and compliance and compile records for presentation to receiving airline and regulatory authority

Experienced in dealing with lease and contractual requirements of Aircraft Delivery/Redelivery process and the sequence of activities and milestone/decision points

Skill Specification Summary

Understanding of maintenance programme philosophy, distinction between hard time components, OC/CM components, temporary and permanent repairs etc.

Sample review of records for pre-purchase inspections / mid-lease inspections

Carry out Life-limited Parts Back to Birth trace verification

Audit technical records such as Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins, Modifications, Repairs etc


Formal technical training (licensed engineer, technical diploma, graduate engineer)

Ability to develop strong working relationships with local service providers including MRO's and other technical contractors to support technical activity in the region.

Minimum of 10 years work experience in aircraft line maintenance, heavy maintenance or maintenance planning

Fluency in English (both written and verbal)

Be prepared to travel internationally and often at short notice. Regional legal right to work and visa rules apply.

You must fulfil all these specific criteria for your application to progress successfully through the initial review phase.