B737 and B757 Captains-YTO Airlines

Jade Aviation
Great Pay
23 Apr 2018
21 May 2018
Contract Type
Full Time

Minimum requirements are as follows:

500 hours PIC on type

3500 hours Total Time

Current on type within 12 months

Maximum age: Rated Captains: 

B757: 55 years of age

B737: 50 years of age, 50+ can be considered case by case

Valid/current ATPL,  Valid/current Class A (First Class) Medical

Valid passport issued by a country that has diplomatic relations with China

No history of incidents or accidents. 

ICAO Level 4 (or equivalent) English proficiency

No criminal history. 

Contract Term: 4 years

Base: Hangzhou, China

Salary Structure

Option 1:  Two weeks on, Two weeks off (Monthly Income:$21000, Yearly Income:$275846.)

1. For First Joining

  Welcome Fee:$8000.

  Relocation Fee:2000CNY

2. Month Income

  Service Fee:$10,000/month

  Labor Fee:45,500CNY/month.

  Housing Allowance:10,000CNY/month (reimbursement)

  Transportation Allowance:10,000CNY/month (reimbursement)

  Language Training Allowance:6,000CNY/month( reimbursement)

  Monthly Overtime Fee:1000CNY extra fee if exceed 50hours in a month 

3. Yearly Income

  Operation Bonus:20,000CNY/year

  Safety Bonus:25,000CNY/year

  International Ticket Allowance:60,000CNY/year (reimbursement)

  Yearly Overtime Fee:$100 extra fee if exceed 600hours in a year

  Insurance Allowance:50,000CNY/year (reimbursement)

4. Agreement Complication Bonus: $40,000

5. Others

  Instructor: 6500CNY/month

  Management position: 6500CNY/month

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