United Kingdom
Up to £95,000
31 May 2018
15 Jun 2018
Contract Type
Full Time


HIAL is commencing on a major programme ‘The Air Traffic Management Strategy 2030’ that will change the way that air traffic services are provided at 7 HIAL airports by centralising activities in a remote/digital tower and surveillance centre, and by introducing a major airspace change.

In this post you will have primary responsibility for the delivery of the entire ATM Strategy 2030 Programme. This will include leading the team, effectively directing the programme ensuring it is delivered on time and within budget and communicating with internal and external stakeholders, throughout the lifecycle of this major transformational change programme.


HIAL operates 11 airports across the Highlands and Islands and Dundee with a Head Office in Inverness. The company is embarking on a major change management project that will see the introduction of new and emerging air traffic technology to enhance the delivery and sustainability of Air Traffic Control (ATC) services across the HIAL area of operation.

The 10 year project will see the centralisation of Air Traffic Control services in one Centralised Surveillance and Remote Tower Centre (located within the HIAL area) and the introduction of controlled airspace at controlled aerodromes.

The project is the most significant change management initiatives introduced by the company in the last 10 years and one of the biggest ATM related projects in the UK. It will impact directly on 80 ATC staff and will have wide reaching implications for the whole company.

The project is funded by Scottish Government.

The post holder will be responsible for the development and delivery of the programme on time and within budget as well as the management of the programme team covering specialist areas including; ATM, HR, Finance, ICT, Procurement and Infrastructure. In addition, the programme will be supported by specialist ATC knowledge as required.

The post holder will report to the Programme Board and will be supported by the Senior Management Team (SMT). The SMT will provide specialist advice on organisational policies and practices and ensure the ATM programme is integrated into the company strategic plan and other company initiatives and plans.


  • Development and implementation of all aspects of the ATM 2030 Programme.
  • Delivery of the ATM 2030 Programme on time and within budget using open and transparent programme and change management techniques.
  • Development and implementation of a People Management plan to support this significant change management programme, in particular dealing with the staffing issues for potential relocation.
  • Obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals from the UK CAA to support full implementation of ATM Strategy 2030 and delivery of all associated safety case documentation in accordance with the HIAL Safety management System and UK CAA regulatory requirements.
  • Co-ordinate the ATM Programme Board (see structure above), setting the agenda, compiling input material and monitoring outcomes against agreed milestones.
  • Delivery of the Programme, setting and agreeing key milestones and metrics with the Programme Board, and tracking and reporting against these. This will include agreement of the operational changes to be achieved during the Programme, developed in coordination with the relevant Units and Directorates
  • Preparation of the capital budgets in conjunction with the supplier within parameters set for a government sponsored organisation.
  • Implement a clear and detailed risk management approach for the Programme, communicating these to the SMT and ensuring all risks and interdependencies are tracked and managed with appropriate actions taken.
  • Communicating with internal stakeholders e.g. HIAL directorates, General Manager Air Traffic Services (GMATS) and all impacted staff to ensure a consistent message is delivered. This will includes providing a clear and transparent understanding of the necessary changes with associated timescales is both available and current at all times.
  • Communicate with external stakeholders (Airlines, General Aviation, Military, Regulator, Unions, Politicians, other Air Navigation Service Providers and Airports) to provide clear, consistent and transparent messaging in line with the implementation strategy and desired outcomes. This will include liaison with the Programme Board (and external PR support as required) to ensure consistency across HIAL in the messaging.
  • Leadership of the ATM Programme team, providing day-to-day direction, tasking and management.
  • Finalising and managing the procurement strategy for the Programme.
  • Managing contracts with suppliers, ensuring compliance with the procurement expectations of a government funded organisation.
  • Management of the airspace change programme (ACP) to introduce proportionate sectors of controlled airspace at HIALs controlled aerodromes including the associate instrument flight procedures for each airport e.g. SIDs, STARs and RNAV waypoints etc.
  • Delivery of a transition plan detailing how services will be maintained throughout the implementation of each project and at each location.
  • Management and co-ordination of ATCO training and competence requirements to support successful implementation of ATMS 2030.
  • Development of the new Surveillance and Remote Tower Centre requirements and technical specification and management of construction and staff resourcing
  • Development of ATC operational practices, procedures and policies for the new Centre, to achieve the desired operational outcomes whilst demonstrating regulatory compliance and acceptable levels of safety.


The work associated with the project will evolve over time and will be determined by the different stages within the project delivery plan

There will be a requirement for flexibility; the post holder may be collocated with the full team or with a limited number of the other project members and this may change as the project progresses.

The post is responsible for delivering a complex Programme, and accordingly will bring periods of high workload. Multiple streams of work will need to be managed and prioritised against the need for high quality, transparent communications with internal and external stakeholders.

The post will be based in Inverness but will require travel internally to HIAL airports and externally to meet stakeholders at various locations.


This post is a director level position, and is therefore tasked with delivering the Programme through management of the Directorate. It is intended that the individual in-post will be able to act with autonomy in delivering the agreed strategy, identifying risks, opportunities, resources and potential changes in strategy, and managing the team’s priorities and tasking.

It is critical that the post holder fully understands all aspects of the programme and can work with each of the Directorates of HIAL to develop appropriate solutions and plans.

The post is line managed by the Managing Director.

The post holder will be expected to ensure all members of the Programme Board who may have different priorities are fully sighted on the work being undertaken and understand the milestones that need to be achieved. This post holder will need to ensure that all members of the Programme Board endorse the strategy, Project Management Plan, Communications Plan, and significant contracts.


The main internal contacts of the post are:

  • Managing Director on a regular basis as line manager
  • ATM Programme Board, meeting monthly and as required
  • The ATM Programme team, with daily interactions and line management
  • Other Directorates of HIAL (individually or through the Programme team), ensuring the function works coherently across the HIAL structures
  • Airport managers and unit SATCOs, bringing in-depth expertise of specific context

The main external contacts of the post are:

  • Suppliers (contractors) on a frequent basis
  • Regulatory authorities on a frequent basis
  • Airlines, military and GA
  • Transport Scotland (and potentially MSPs)
  • Unions
  • Peers in other ANSPs to understand best practice

Note that the post holder has responsibility for a large procurement and change management programme, and therefore must communicate with transparency and integrity at all times with all parties.


The post is broad in its remit, and the individual must be credible across the remit of the programme. As with any major change programme, a number of inter-related elements and analysis of their impact understood. The role must be able to communicate in a variety of contexts whilst at the same time maintaining progress, overcoming barriers and addressing concerns transparently.

Critically, the focus of the programme must not be lost. It must deliver the anticipated future-proof solution in a difficult environment with several key challenges. It must do so whilst demonstrating safety levels are maintained or improved, working with the regulatory authorities. It must do so without undue delay.

As such, the role must also be able to anticipate and mitigate risks to the programme, in schedule, budget and focus.


In order to be effective in the role you:

  • Will have managed or directed change programmes, ideally including major procurement
  • Will have some background in Air Traffic Management. It is not essential to be expert on all aspects of operational delivery in the HIAL context, but some background is required, as the demands of the post will immediately necessitate an understanding of the field.
  • Will be able to communicate effectively and credibly with a wide range of stakeholders, including politicians, airlines, regulators, unions and staff.
  • Will have managed people before, directing a team towards defined objectives
  • Will be able to show evidence of strategic thinking and its link to day-to-day prioritisation of activities
  • Will understand risk and dependency management in the context of a portfolio of change, and how to put in place processes to manage actively.
  • Will be able to work as a collegiate member of the senior team of HIAL.


  • As you’ll be working in an airport environment, your commitment and attitude to safety and security is critical.
  • Team working is crucial in this role so it’s essential that you get along with others, appreciate differences and contribute to creating a positive working environment;
  • A positive approach to your work is essential - you must be willing to assist your colleagues with a range of tasks as required and be able to take instruction;
  • Our team members need to respond to changing and challenging situations, operational needs and developing priorities. A flexible and responsive approach is required to balance conflicting and changing pressures in the work environment in a respectful and constructive way;
  • You must be able to interact and communicate with others changing your methods and mediums to fit the circumstance.
  • You’ll be able to make yourself understood in a clear and constructive manner;
  • You must be open to new learning and development experiences and take ownership of your own learning and development in role and be willing to respond to new initiatives and changes in working practices;
  • You are expected to conduct yourself with confidence and absolute integrity at all times;
  • Your commitment to providing a strong focus on customer service is essential to maintain the high standards and professionalism of our service.
  • Dress and appearance must be appropriate to the role and activity you are undertaking. The company recognises the right to individual expression, body modifications are expected to be removable or covered up, whilst on duty. Where modification cannot be covered, they should not be offensive in nature.


HIAL has a behavioural competency framework as we place how you do things is just as important as what you are doing. These are in line with our values, which are:

  • Respect
  • Open/Honesty
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Ownership

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